Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tipster Tuesday - "Container"ize your garden

Have you seen some of the beautiful containers they have for planting lately? When I went ot Home Depot last week to use my 15% off coupon I was so torn by which containers I wanted. I knew WHERE I wanted to put it but I wasn't sure WHAT I waned to put in it.
I KNEW I wanted to put it near my front door.
I KNEW I wanted to use annuals (seed to seed in 1 year).
I KNEW I wanted it to be large enough to fit at least 2 different types of flowers.
I KNEW I wanted it to match my house.

Well I found a pot I love and a smaller cheaper version as well. Off to find the perfect flowers!!
My little basket convoy strolled around for a while before I finally made my choice. I chose Bright Red Verbena and Solid White Petunias. I already had container soil at home and a little peat humus so I was all set!! We went home with a few other needed items and a few prices from the lumber dept (to use for a soon to come post). Would you like to see my "creation"?? lol


As it grows through the season it will get alot larger and hang a good bit more. Deadheading will be very minimal but I hate to see wilted dried up flowers while others are so alive and vibrant. My hubby was happy to see them at the door. He of course made a joke about me using a coupon for my gardening as well.... he'll soon appreciate it all Photobucket

Containers are a great way to grow your favorite flowers, herbs veggies and even some fruit trees. If you live in an apartment or have a very small backyard (like me). You "grow" to appreciate container gardens. There are literally hundreds of different sizes, shapes and colors of containers out right now. Even upside down hanging planters!!
We'll be transplanting our seeded herbs to a container soon. My oldest is starting her first herb garden and she's already snagged a container large enough that she can handle her little seedings all my herself.
Remember that these planters are getting hit by sunlight as well so they will dry up faster if you don't use the right soil. Most "container soil" has little extra enhancements like perlite. If you have peat moss it would be a great add to keep the moisture level up. I would steer away from terracotta pots used in full sunlight. They will absorb the some of the moisture in your soil. This will cause you to give a little extra attention to these plants in the summer.

Do you have a windowsill garden? What do you have in it?
Do you have any favorite containers but don't know what to put in them?? Let us know... maybe we can help.


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