Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Home Depot Coupons to liven up your yard


Thanks to The Coupon Mom here are a couple of Home Depot coupons to help you add some color and a little more life to your front door or back patio.

15% off of pots and planters exp 4/17

50% off of Colorburst packets exp 4/17

You'd be surprised what a little color does to help brighten landscape... and your day.

Add a "pop" as my 10 year old would say. Don't be scared to ask for help while you are there. That's what they get paid for!! Walk around for a while find a few different shapes that really make you smile. Be careful with spacing when buying 6 packs. Grab a bag of good container soil and a small bag of peat humus. Zeus's won't have this variety :) but a quick stop there after would make a great end to a hard day. Look for heat resistant varieties that will bloom through the summer months if you are one of the very fortunate to have blistering heat starting in May. Now be careful because not all the types you will see will thrive in your area. Find your zone here. Cultivars that are not native to your zone may not do as well as others. You can find a great list of plants for your zone here at Spring Hill Nursery. Most require little maintence and it will look as if you slave over it everyday.

What are some of your favorite natives? Need a little help getting started? Can you make almost anything grow? Tell us about it.