Friday, April 4, 2008

Festival de Fleur

Tis the season for festivals in South Louisiana. This weekend is no different. Festival de Fleur is one of my favorites. It is being held this year once again at Blackham Coliseum. Admission is only $5 per person and children 12 & under are FREE. There is a $1 off admission in last Sunday's paper. There will prob be another on Saturday I would imagine. The proceeds go directly back to the Ira Nelson Center. This was my second home when I was in school so I will gladly pay the admission. There are lots of door prizes so don't forget to register at the door.
Visit their website to get more information on events and contests. This will be a great place to buy plants and get ideas for everything from indoor plants to butterfly gardens. Native plants will be a great pick up at this show. There are always Landscape Designers and plants for sale. The orchid contests blow my mind every year!!
Doors open at 9 am. I hope to see you there!!

Get fired up on Art at Pyromania!! They will be at the same location as Festival De Fluer again this year. You can also visit their site here. They have such cool demonstrations and hands-on activites for all ages. My kids love watching the glass blowing show. Admission is FREE for everyone. This is stictly an outdoor event. The weather will be beautiful!!

So get out of the house tomorrow with your family. Enjoy and support local artists. This is definately an event you will not want to miss!!